Multi Millet Bread Loaf

Warm and Pillowy.

Chef Harpawan Singh Kapoor

Cooking time 5-7 mins / Preparation time 30 mins / Prepares 4 pieces


Pumpernickel starter dough:

  1. Pumpernickel mix (Or any multigrain Flour Mix) 1000 gm
  2. Chilled Water 850ml
  3. Fresh yeast 20gm
  4. Salt 20gm

Millet Mix:

  1. Pearl millet 50gm
  2. Finger millet 50gm
  3. Proso millet 50gm
  4. Foxtail millet 50gm
  5. Barnyard millet 50gm
  6. Water 1000ml

Grains Decor

  1. Pearl millet 80gm
  2. Finger millet 80gm
  3. Proso millet 80gm
  4. Foxtail millet 80gm


  1. Refined flour 700gm
  2. Ragi flour 100gm
  3. Amaranth flour 100gm
  4. Sorghum flour 50gm
  5. Bajra flour 50gm
  6. Fresh yeast 30gm
  7. Salt 25gm
  8. Improver 30gm
  9. Gluten 30gm
  10. Pumpernickel starter dough 550 gm
  11. Chilled Water 500ml
  12. Millet mix 250 gm


Pumpernickel starter dough:

  1. Mix all ingredients for about 25 mintues in a dough mixing machine.
  2. Desired dough temperature 27ºC – 29ºC.
  3. Cover and process a bulk fermentation time of 24 hours.
  4. Store in chiller and use.

Millet Mix:

  1. Soak the millets overnight in water.
  2. Boil the millets , check for additional water.
  3. Boil until soft.

Grain Decor:

Mix all the grains and keep aside.

Making the bread:

  1. 1. Mix all ingredients ina dough mixing machine with a hook attachment.
  2. Desired dough temperature to be at 28 degree celsius.
  3. Bench proof for about 1 hour keeping the dough covered.
  4. Knock back and divide into 800 gms roundels and proof for about 15 minutes.
  5. Flatten the dough and shape into a batard to fit the sandwich bread tin or divide into 350 gms and shape into a boule.
  6. Spray water over the shaped dough and roll it into the grain décor mix.
  7. Proof until double in size under 65 percent humidity until 80 percent done.
  8. Score the bread as shown in the image defined to three scores and complete the proofing.
  9. Bake at 220 Degree Celsius with the application of a steam press until golden brown.

The Chef

"Millets are important to me personally from a health perspective improving gut health due to high insoluble fiber making it prebiotic and from a nation’s point of view it constitutes an important source of food & fodder for millions of resource poor farmers and plays a vital role in ecological & economic security of India"

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