Bajra (Pearl Millet) Ladoo

A no cook and a no bake recipe!

Chef Vaibhav Bhargava


"A no cook and a no bake recipe enriched with goodness of millets and jaggery"

Cooking time 15 mins / Preparation time 10 mins / Serving 4


  1. Pearl millet flour    250 gm
  2. Nalen gur   80 gm
  3. Cardamom powder  5 gm
  4. Desi ghee melted  150 gm
  5. Assorted Nuts 30 gm


  1. Dry roast the pearl millet flour till it smells like a roasted aroma. Remove and keep aside in a bowl to cool down.

2.  Roast the assorted nuts in a pan with some ghee and keep aside.

3.  Keep the Nalen gur melted in a Pan and keep aside.

4.  Assemble all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix them well and add sugar more if needed as per taste.

5. Take little amount of mixture in your hands and add a few drops of ghee to it.

6.  Mix well and make a nice balls.

7.  Serve the ladoos

 NOTE :  The ladoos store well if you keep them away from moisture and can stay up to 2 -3 weeks .


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